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Visual pore suction beauty device

Visual pore suction beauty device

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[Product parameters]

1. Brand: Japan JUJY

2. Product name: Visual pore suction beauty device

3. Product after-sales service: Hong Kong and Macau

4. Product maintenance: 1 year

5. Product origin: Japanese brand, made in China

6. Color: White

7. Packing list: Product body, 4 suction heads, blackhead extraction film + pore tightening film, instructions, Type-C charging cable, flannel bag, machine cleaning cloth

8. Main material: ABS, PC, 304 stainless steel

9. Power: 7W

10. Battery voltage: 1500mAh/3.7V

11. Product weight: 820g

12. Packing size: 200*113*113mm

13.Charging time: 3 hours

14. Charging display: white light flashing (charging), white light steady (fully charged), red light flashing slowly (battery too low)

[Product features]

1. Wireless visibility, built-in 5 million high-definition camera, 16x macro magnification, accurate blackhead removal, clear vision, clean suction

2. 4 suction heads cover different areas, no place to hide blackheads

3. 42 °C hot compress + 10 °C cold compress can easily remove blackheads and shrink fine pores by following every step carefully.

4. Beauty salon level blackhead cleaning service combining blackhead removal film + pore reduction film

6. Non-invasive negative pressure black technology, storm suction, no harm to the skin, easily remove blackheads

7. Equipped with smart APP, zoom lens and 3S mobile smart reminder, available for IOS/Andorid


1. This product is not waterproof, so rinsing the aircraft directly with water is prohibited.

2. It cannot be used by those who have undergone plastic surgery, those with sensitive skin, or those who are pregnant, so please consult your doctor if necessary.

3. Do not wash the same area for more than 3 seconds as it may cause redness and swelling of the skin.

4. Product component description:

(1) Standard suction head: Small suction force, suitable for large areas such as T area.

(2) Local suction head: Has large suction power and is suitable for areas where oval holes are difficult to enter.

(3) Precision suction head: Targets relatively stubborn blackheads with strong suction power

(4) Single-point suction head: Specially designed for very stubborn blackheads. The dangerous triangle of the face is a sensitive area, so don't put pressure on it.

5. Recommended use site: wings of the nose, tip of the nose

6. Not recommended for use: People who have had nose surgery or have sensitive skin should use with caution as they may be more prone to redness or purple discoloration.

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