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Japan JUJY | Collagen protein paste | Gangao Sodai

Japan JUJY | Collagen protein paste | Gangao Sodai

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[Product information]

1. Brand name: JUJY

2.Product name: JUJY Collagen protein adhesive

3.After shipping: Hong Kong, Macau

4. Product maintenance: 1 year

5.Product quality: Japanese brand, made in China

6.Content: 25g x 5 pieces/box

7. Preservation period: 2 years

8. Weight: approx. 25g/piece

9.Wrap size: 105*155*30mm

[Product features]

Product composition : This product is composed of Yoshigegumi type III humanized collagen protein, Amabo Kinpei Sake, and purified hydrated non-woven fabric. After radiant sterilization, the product is delivered aseptically.

Scope of product application : Applicable to non-chronic wounds (superficial wounds, postoperative sutured wounds, mechanical wounds, small wounds, abrasions, incisions, mechanical puncture sites, first- and second-degree burn wounds, Protects the umbilical mouth wound, intense light/photon/fruit acid exchange skin/microplastic surgery wound surface, and provides a microenvironment for healing of the wound surface.

[ Invitation for a number of joint venture partners ]

Local area: Hong Kong, Macao, Ma Lai Xia

Agent Tel:+852 6847 6120

Whatsapp:+852 6847 6120


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