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electric derma stamp

electric derma stamp

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產Product name - THINKBUSINESS Creative Products Service: You're a global novelty direct sales company, quality creative life.

[Product information]

1. Brand name: JUJY

2.Product name: Non-created microcrystal deep introduction water sensation moisturizing skin

3.After shipping: Hong Kong, Macau

4. Product maintenance: 1 year

5.Product quality: Japanese brand, made in China

6.Color: Pale gold

7. Clear packaging: Microcrystalline x1, Microcrystal head x1 (5 pieces), Menu x1 box (5 pieces), Essence liquid x1 (5 pieces), Charging line x1, Instruction book x1

8. Success rate: 2W

9.Forehead voltage: 3.7V

10. Product weight: about 100g

[Product features]

1. Large standard rice crystal head, precision cover: Adopts 5mm*5mm large standard 5D rice crystal head, increased contact area; crystal head densely clothed with 144 root rice fine needles, close contact with skin pores.

2.Effective permeable skin bottom: Microneedle length 150um, can penetrate the stratum corneum, quickly break through the skin and absorb the passageway, promote nourishing ingredients deep into the skin, and infiltrate the skin bottom with evaporative action.

3. Warm and unblemished skin: The fine grain processing technology makes the core piece, the needle tip length is less than 100nm, the length of the hair is only one thousandth of a hair, the needle point is as low as 21.8nm, and the skin can be absorbed and penetrated at the same time without breaking. Undamaged skin.

4. Equipped with red and blue light, fine protection: red light improves metabolism, huanliang skin, stimulates collagen protein regeneration; blue light source head repair, anti-bacterial pox, shrinks pores; purple light red and blue light cooperates to add effect, increase skin elasticity;

5. Independently sterile, safe and harmless: This product is made of commercially available crystalline silicon with a purity of 99.999%, lead-free, free of lead, isolated packaging, and guaranteed safe for use.

[ Invitation for a number of joint venture partners ]

Local area: Hong Kong, Macao, Ma Lai Xia

Agent Tel:+852 6847 6120

Whatsapp:+852 6847 6120


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