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Facial Nanoscale Spray Facial Hydrator

Facial Nanoscale Spray Facial Hydrator

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[Product information]

1. Brand name: JUJY

2.Product name: Japan JUJY Skin Shun Transparent Water Light

3.After shipping: Hong Kong, Macau

4. Product maintenance: 1 year

5.Product quality: Japanese brand, made in China

6.Color: Green

7. Packing clearing: main engine

8.Main material: ABS, glue

9. Success rate: 5W

10. Amount constant voltage: 3.7V

11. Product weight: Approx. 163g

[Product features]

1.130kPa high pressure, breakthrough skin passage, deep repair skin dermatitis, heavy plastic skin dermatology

2. Rehydration and delivery of Ryobo Seika, direct to the skin bottom, perforated cell membrane direct to the dermal layer and deep layer SPA

3. Ultra-fine atomization, no irritation, no water bubbles, moisturized skin and no blind spots

4.450nm short wave blue light uses skin cells to accelerate metabolism circulation, soothe the skin, suppress inflammation, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

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Local area: Hong Kong, Macao, Ma Lai Xia

Agent Tel:+852 6847 6120

Whatsapp:+852 6847 6120


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