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RF face care facial device Pro

RF face care facial device Pro

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Japan JUJY 24K 煥顏 Shot Frequency Machine | Gangao Sodai-ThinkBusiness Takuso

Japan JUJY 24K 煥顏 Shot Frequency Machine - ThinkBusiness IdeasJapan JUJY 24K 煥顏 Shot Frequency Machine - ThinkBusiness Ideas

[Product information]

1. Brand name: JUJY

2.Product name: 24K white high-speed firing machine

3.After shipping: Hong Kong, Macau

4. Product maintenance: 1 year

5.Product quality: Japanese brand, made in China

6.Color: Pale gold

7. Packaging: Main machine *1 Charging line *1 Body wrapping *1 Rubbing cloth *1 Storage box *1 Instruction manual *1 Official glue *1

8.Main materials: ABS, PC, plating alloy, 24K plating

9. Success rate: 6W

10.Forehead voltage: 5V

11. Product weight: Approx. 1265g

12. Head: Type-C charging line

13.Battery capacity: 1000mAh

14.Charging time: about 1.5h

15.Using time length: about 30-60 minutes bell

[Product features]

1. Complete new class, hospital level ability introduction, combination of ejaculation + pulse current + distant red outside new form, anti-aging, 4-week observation of skin multiple times aging condition

2. MRF radiation frequency + SEMS microcurrent + HFIP combined electrical pulse offshore radiation radiation frequency three-type model, red external light + distant red external solar light science technology thermal heat introduction, skin protection capital black science and technology

3.24K gold resistance head, surface area reaches 1400mm2+50%, time-saving and labor-saving efficiency, simultaneous skin protection and no blind spot.

4. Measurement level temperature control technology, the usage situation of the guide base, the actual contact temperature at the time of walking, safety and careless intelligence.

5. The delivery department tightens the adhesive, the skin is smooth, the light is smooth, the appearance is clear; the packaging is changed, the packaging is stored, the packaging is stored, and the packaging is used.

[ Invitation for a number of joint venture partners ]

Local area: Hong Kong, Macao, Ma Lai Xia

Agent Tel:+852 6847 6120

Whatsapp:+852 6847 6120


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